Tips On How To Select The Perfect Wedding Favor

A wedding would not be a wedding, without the favors. The favor is a small token that is given to the guests, as a way to thank them for attending the event. Of course, if some of your guests have worked diligently helping your plan your wedding, took on a delegated project, or agreed to help out during the reception, you will need to select a more suitable wedding gift for them. Wedding favors can be developed through DIY techniques or you can purchase them from a wedding or party supply shop. Below you will discover many tips that will help to select the perfect wedding favors for you guests.

What are these items?

Truthfully, wedding favors could be pretty much anything. You can give candies, sandals, candles or anything imaginable. Regardless of the items you choose, they all share an identical purpose. These items are given to show your guests a little bit of gratitude. During the lead up to the wedding, the guests are forced to take off of work and some will be obligated to travel a great distance, in order to attend. With this in mind, favors are the least you can do to thank you guests for their participation.

Determining Factors

When attempting to choose your wedding favors, there are a handful of determining factors that will play a role in your decision. First and foremost, you should remember that your guest list and budget will matter greatly. Obviously, you’ll need a favor for each person, who is attending. Of course, this is only one of the factors that need to be considered. Below, you will be able to find the determining factors that will help to ensure that you know exactly what to purchase.

• The Formality of Your Wedding – Some couples will want to keep everything entirely formal, while others will not. Your formality level will greatly impact your favors. Classic candies are suitable for formal weddings, while shot glasses and color candies are acceptable for less formal weddings.
• Your Wedding Theme – Your wedding’s atmosphere, environment and theme all matter! Your favors should suit these three things perfectly. Obviously, outdoor weddings are more geared for outdoor favors and vice versa.
• Your Budget – Your budget is going to be very impactful. It is vital to make sure that you can purchase enough of the items that you desire. Consider slimming down your guest list, if you need to cut costs!
• The Personality and Preferences Of Your People – Although you might not know a great deal about all of your guests, you should know plenty about a handful of them. It is vital to make sure that you choose favors that these individuals will like! Use their personality and preferences to make this happen. Remember that it is best to please the masses and displease a select few instead of the opposite.

Since this is going to be your special day, you should choose everything that you like! However, the favors are a little different. Make sure that you guests will enjoy them as well!

DIY Or Buying

When attempting to select the wedding favors for your big day, it is essential to consider your options of buying or making them yourself. Some brides and grooms will feel obligated to go above and beyond and will want to do it themselves. Others won’t worry too much, as long as their guests are happy! These people will be content to spend a little and worry less. There are some specific factors that should be considered, in order to find out which option is right for you.

• Time and Patience – First and foremost, you should question, whether or not you have the time and patience to make your own favors. Do you really want to set aside several days or longer for this purpose? Patience is a valuable virtue, but many people just don’t have it! If you don’t, you shouldn’t bother making your own favors, because it’ll most certainly be time consuming.
• The Size of Your Guest List – Your guest list is extremely important! If you have two or three hundred people attending, you should hesitate and think about it, before making your own favors. This would force you to make an enormous amount of favors, which would be very stressful. For larger weddings, it is typically best to save trouble and buy favors.
• Your Craftsmanship – Do you have the knowledge and skills required to create something special? Do you actually enjoy working with crafts? If you’d rather pluck your eyeballs out with a fork, you shouldn’t bother. However, if you enjoy these types of hobbies, you should go for it and have fun with it.

Remember that doing it yourself or buying are both acceptable options. As long as your guests are happy with their favors, you’ve been successful. Therefore, you should choose the option that puts a smile on your own face.

Tips For Successful Wedding Favors

Some couples wind up making a mistake choosing favors that just aren’t acceptable or useable. By using tips from the experts, you will be able to ensure that your guests will love your wedding favors! Below, you will find tips that should be taken into account.

• Think From The Perspective Of Your Guests – In order to ensure that you choose the right favors, you will want to look at the favors from the perspective of your guests. Is the possible favor something that you would like to receive? Continue looking, until you find something that would actually suit your own needs.
• Be Careful with Personalization – Personalization can be a good way to add personality to your favors, but you do not want to overdo it. Don’t put the bride and groom’s initials on every single item in your venue. Instead, consider personalizing the favors with the names of your guests!
• Choosing Meaningful Items – Suffice to say, you will want to choose items that are meaningful to you and your significant other. If you both like specific candies or wine, you should give these items to your guests! Put some meaning into the decision and you cannot fail.
• Always Try Before Purchasing – If you’re going to be giving out candies, wine or other edibles, it is crucial to test them out on your own, before purchasing. Make sure that you actually like the treats. If you do not, there is a possibility that your guests won’t either! Only purchase these items, if they’re tasty to you!
• Ordering Extra is Crucial – Regardless of the items you decide to order, you should most certainly order extras. These items might become damaged or could possibly disappear, during the shipping. By ordering extra, you’ll be able to ensure that everyone will have some! At the end of the wedding, there is nothing wrong with people taking extras home.
• Beautify Them Completely – Although some wedding favors will be stylish on their own, others might not be. In order to make sure that they do not look ugly or out of place, you should beautify them with decorations. For candies and other edible items, it is idea to wrap the items with colorful papers, or consider sticking them in a nice decorative box.

Suffice to say, there are many different tips that can help you choose the right favors. Consider all of the information above and you’ll have an easier time choosing successful wedding favors.

Create a Nice Lollipop Stand

Many people all around the world enjoy lollipops. With this in mind, you should consider giving these candies out to your guests. Of course, you will want to do so in a clever and beautiful way. With a nice lollipop stand, you will be able to deliver your favors, while also stunning your guests with your imagination and creativity. In order to create this type of display, you’ll need plenty of lollipops and some Styrofoam or something similar.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on these supplies, you’ll need to begin creating your decorative stand. It is helpful to create several different layers, by using several Styrofoam platforms. This can also be more decorative and it is possible to add different colors. Writing words and phrases on the front is a good idea. Either way, the sticks of the lollipops can be forced into the Styrofoam. Your guests will be able to take their candies, before they leave! Not only is this a practical wedding favor, but also your guests will enjoy the candy!

Country Wedding Favors

There are many country favor ideas that you can select from, but you will want to impress and charm your guests with a unique favor. Always personalize the favors, so that the guests will remember you every time they utilize or view the item. You can envelop nature into the favor, by utilizing wood, honey, jams, or teas. Many couples choose to develop their very own country wedding favor, because it allows them the opportunity to envelop their personality into the gift.

Small jars of jam, honey, and cookie mixtures are highly favorable. These little gifts will keep on giving for a long time, which is why they are so popular. Mini soaps and candles can also be utilized for this purpose, but you will need to create personal gift cards to place on these favors, before you hand them out to your guests.

Beach Wedding Favor

A beach wedding is the perfect venue for young couples, because the scene and location will provide the perfect amount of love and romance that will emit through the atmosphere. There are many beach wedding favor ideas that you can select from, but make sure that you choose something that will remind the guests of the beach, sand, and sea shells.

Sparklers are the perfect favor idea, since the guests can light them up at the end of the ceremony. This will illuminate the entire beach and bring excitement to environment. You can also top these humorous favors off with personalized packs of matches. You can purchase the matches online, but be sure to add your own personalization to the package, by stamping the couple’s name and wedding date on them. This way no one will have to search for a light to fire up their sparker.

Flip flop bottle opener, bamboo with crystal gel, and beach chair photo frames will make the perfect wedding favor that everyone can enjoy. Take the time to have these personalized, before you give them to your guests. You can purchase a name stamper online, which will make personalizing the gifts, a breeze.

Rustic Winery Wedding Favors

Many couples choose to get married amidst a vineyard and winery. This special location is the perfect place to say your “I do’s”, because they provide a place for everyone to bond, while enjoying the wine. If you are planning a winery wedding, you will need a favor, as such.

Champagne bottles of jelly beans, wine cork photo frames, wine stoppers, and mini wine bottles will definitely make the perfect favor for this event. Of course, you will need to personalize the favors with gift tags and stickers.

A personalized stainless steel spreader is another favor option. This will have a handle that is constructed out of a wine cork, which you can personalize with your name and the wedding date.

Outdoor Park Wedding Favors

Outdoor parks provide exquisite scenery that will be visible for everyone to see. You will actually be able to envelop nature into your wedding favors. There are many food products that you can incorporate into the wedding, as well. Popcorn wedding favor is definitely suitable for this event. You can purchase pastry bags and pop your own popcorn, which will make this favor a very affordable option. Personalize each bag with a gift tag, so that everyone will be reminded of your generosity, when they are munching down on their popcorn.

Personalized salt and pepper shakers also make great gifts, but you do not have to fill them with these spices. Instead, you can fill them with mints, bubble gum balls, and M&Ms, which will be the prefect, treat.

Fir seedlings can also be given to your guests but be sure to place them in personalized plastic bags. You can purchase the bags over the Internet, but you will want to visit your local green house, so that you can get the firs, while they are young and fresh. Provide the guests with a small instruction pamphlet, so that they will plant the firs properly.

Victorian Wedding Favors

Your Victorian wedding should be decorated, in a way that will remind your guests of the past and the popular Great Expectations. Antiquity favors can be achieved by utilizing the collapsible black fan. This wonderful favor will definitely be utilized during and after the wedding, because the ladies will be begging for something to provide them with a small breeze.

Rustic keys, tea cups, teas, porcelain favor boxes, and homemade doilies can be enveloped into your wedding favors. Always add personalized gift tags, ribbons, and tulle to any bags, boxes, or frames, so that the gift will have a more charming appeal.

Weddings In The Sun

Many couples want to be able to host a fun wedding that is outside in the beauty of Mother Nature. This definitely has a tremendous number of benefits. Obviously, being outside in the sun can brighten up everyone’s day! At the same time, the great outdoors can offer true beauty. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you give your guests the right favors. For these specific types of weddings, there are plenty of different favors that will work wonderfully.

One of the best things to give your guests is some tiny bottles of sunscreen. This will show your guests that you truly care about them. It is also helpful, since you can purchase a few big bottles and use it to make many tiny bottles. Just make sure that you decorate the little bottles and your guests will love them! Since you’re going to be outside in the bright sun, your guests will need some protective gear, or sunglasses! Everyone can use an extra pair of sunglasses and your guests will actually use them!

Lavish Garden Wedding Favors

Gardens make the perfect wedding venue, because your guests will be able to enjoy the outdoors in a very calming environment. There is nothing more luxurious than a beautifully designed flower garden. Of course, you will need to incorporate the perfect wedding favor into the event, as well.

Small floral bouquets can be given, as favors. Just make sure that you utilize the same flowers that have been used for the bridal bouquet. This little piece of nature will definitely liven up every lady’s mood.

Small floral and plant favors will also make the perfect gift for every occasion. Homemade cookies that are shaped and decorated like a wedding cake, bride and groom, and small chapel can be placed inside of plastic bags. Seal these tasty delectable with a ribbon gift tag. It is guaranteed that these favors will not last, until the guests arrive back to their home.

Nighttime Weddings

Outdoor, nighttime weddings can be extremely romantic and unique. For these types of weddings, it is crucial to make sure that you choose the appropriate favors, which are equally unique. For nighttime weddings, it is a good idea to give your guests favors, which are capable of lighting up their nights. Candles work exceptionally well in this regard! Small jars that have a candle placed inside can be lit right away will help to keep the mosquitoes away from your guests, while also providing them with a light source.

On the other hand, you might want to consider something a little more fun. In this sense, you should think about using glow sticks. Everyone loves glow sticks and likely remembers them from their childhood. They’re very simple to use and are capable of creating a cool glowing appearance. Regardless of your age, you can have fun and enjoy glow sticks! Therefore, they make excellent wedding favors.

Affordable DIY Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can be tricky, if they are not carefully thought-out. With that being said it doesn’t mean you want to throw the whole idea out the window, because you always want to make sure you show appreciation to your guests. However, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, because you are going to have tons of other wedding costs. This doesn’t mean that you want to give your guests something they can’t utilize. These are probably thoughts that have already run through your mind, as you are planning your special day. Fortunately, for you there are tons of easy and affordable DIY wedding favors that you can take advantage of. Below you will find some DIY wedding favor ideas that will make planning your wedding all that much easier.

Since all of your guests like and dislikes will vary, this makes choosing take home candies and foods kind of challenging for wedding favors. Don’t fret though, because there is a solution to this problem. You can setup an adorable little candy and snack station. By doing this you can offer a variety of different candies and snacks that will give your guests the option of choosing what they want to take home. Don’t forget to also offer little take home baggies for your guests to store their edibles. It never hurts to dress the station up to match the theme of your wedding. This whole station idea can be achieved and designed utilizing little time and effort. Some good food choices might be cookies, popcorn, nuts, or granola.

Another way to take your wedding favors to the next level is by creating your own custom fortune cookies. You can order large amounts of fortune cookies online for fairly cheap. Plus, you can create your own customized messages to put inside the fortune cookies. Remember it is best to use a pair of tweezers to remove the old messages from the fortune cookies.

Don’t forget that you will always be able to depend on your bridesmaids or groomsmen to help you prepare wedding favors. If you love to bake, then a pie in a mason jar will be a great choice for you. This will be a very affordable solution to your wedding favor dilemma. Always remember that you can create different flavor pies, so that you will be giving your guests the gift of choosing their own personal favorite flavor. These are especially great for a country wedding.

Just about everyone loves s’mores. These are great for any type of wedding, but they work best at a backyard wedding, especially if there is going to be a fire. Just put the ingredients (marshmallows, Hershey’s milk chocolate bars, and graham crackers) inside a cute little bag and offer them as wedding favors. You guests will not only enjoy the taste of these little snacks, but they will have a chance to build their s’mores themselves.

Magnets are another affordable wedding favor that you can choose from. These work great, if you plan on including a photo booth at your wedding. Your guest will be able to take their pictures home and clip them to their fridge with their new magnets.

If you really want to put a smile on your guests face, then you can give them scratch lottery tickets. They will really enjoy these and they can be purchased for as little as one dollar a piece. Plus, they have a chance at winning some big money. This will be a favor for guests of any age.

Noisemakers like a small tambourine make a great, affordable wedding favor. You can use stamps to create your own personal message on the top of the tambourine. You guests will go wild for these. It will give them a chance to cheer you own after you kiss your new spouse.

Wedding Favors For Winter Weddings
Are you planning on have a winter wedding? Who doesn’t love the sight of a beautiful snowfall? If you plan on hosting a winter wedding, you will find some great ideas that you can utilize for your wedding favors below.
Hot chocolate is always great and enjoyable, during those colder winter months. This is why it will make such a great wedding favor. However, you should be aware that there are lots of ways to assemble your hot chocolate other than handing out simple packets. You can put the ingredients inside a clear Christmas ornament, stick the ingredients inside any jar that has a suitable top, or you could put the ingredients inside a clear test tube for a creative look. Don’t forget that you have the option of adding personalized messages to your containers by utilizing stickers.
If you want to give your guest a favor that they will cherish and use for many years, then give them a pair of warm gloves, mittens, a warm blanket, or a pair of warm slippers. What is a better way to warm up then by enjoying a bowl of hearty soup? Package the dry ingredients inside a plastic container, and don’t forget to include the cooking directions.

Suffice to say, it is crucial to make sure that you show your guests a little appreciation and love, by giving them some excellent wedding favors. The specific type of wedding favor that you choose will depend on a variety of different factors. By using this comprehensive guide, you have learned how to make sure that you select items that your guests will actually love and enjoy! Be sure to select your wedding theme, time and environment first, since this will make the process a little easier. As long as your guests remain happy, you should be able to do the same!