Choosing Wedding Favors for Your Upcoming Wedding

Are you currently planning a wedding and attempting to choose the most spectacular wedding favors? There is an abundant of different options available to you and you should definitely consider a handful of them! Remember that favors are absolutely vital for keeping your guests happy and showing them your respect and admiration. With this in mind, you will want to consider some of the ideas below for your wedding!

Interactive Favors Centerpiece

Truthfully, there are many different items that will work perfectly for centerpieces, but those that are interactive are the best! They’ll force your guests to approach and inspect the items or pick them up! Of course, there are many different types of centerpieces that will require the participation of your guests. For instance, you will want to consider using candies, soaps or lollipops. Not only are these items practical, but they’re readily available and very cheap too! Suffice to say, you’ll be able to get your hands on them easily.

At the same time, you should remember to put together a nice wedding favors centerpiece. With the lollipops, you can easily create a lollipop stand. With the candies, you can simply fill up bowls and vases! The possibilities are endless and these items will bring your guests plenty of pleasure and satisfaction. Of course, killing two birds with one stone is always smart.

Crystal Wedding Favors

There is nothing more dignified than crystal wedding favors. Of course, you will need to purchase these beauties, but you will find a limitless selection to choose from. If you go online, you will have more options opened to you and you may be able to purchase them, as a bulk item, so you can save a bit of money.

The crystal bell, rose, swan, heart, or votive candle holder will definitely please all of your guests. If you have a wine lover in the crowd, you can always give them the crystal ball wine stopper. Everyone will appreciate this gift, because it can be added to their home décor.

Favors for Summer Weddings

During the summer, the weather can grow very hot and slightly unbearable. With this in mind, it is an exceptional idea to make sure that you take this into account, when choosing your favors. For instance, you will want to consider choosing drinks, lotions, glasses and other items that will help to alleviate the stress of the heat. Some of these items will work better with outdoor weddings, but all of them will be taken home and will undoubtedly be used!

When hosting a wedding on the beach or near a pool, you will want to use items that are associated with this activity. For instance, sunglasses and sandals will do the trick! Sun lotion is another good option. These items will be used and you can easily create a display using them. This will allow your guests to walk right over and grab their favor.

Vineyard Wedding Favor

If you are having your wedding at a vineyard, you will need a wedding favor that says, as much. You will definitely find a large selection of favors to select from including:

• Stainless Steel Cheese Spreader
• Mini Wine Bottles
• Grape Bottle Opener
• Cork Picture Frame
• Wine Glass Candle
All of these will definitely make a wonderful vineyard wedding favor. You can develop your own gift tags, so you can personalize the favors, before you give them to your guests.

Mini Birdcage Favors

A great little wedding favor idea is the mini birdcage. You can utilize the birdcage, as a place card holder and then offer it to your friends, as a small token of appreciation. These are available in wire or wood materials, so you can either mix them up or just select one type.

Another unique mini birdcage design is one that the top will pop open. You will be able to sit a treat in the center of it such a cup cake, candy bag, or a beautiful rose. Your guests will definitely be delighted with this wonderful gift idea.

The bell shaped birdcage is another amusing design that will surely liven up everyone’s mood. You can attach your personalized gift card to the birdcage, before you give it to your guests.

If you are a baker or know someone that is, you can purchase a birdcage cookie mold at your local bakery supply shop, so you can offer them to your guests along with the mini birdcage favors. This will definitely please the sweet tooth.

Chocolate Covered Apple

There is nothing sweeter than chocolate, but add an apple to the equation and your guests will fall in love with you. The chocolate covered apple can be placed on a stick, so that your guests will be able to eat their treat, without creating a mess. You can purchase gourmet chocolate at your local grocery store for this project, but if you have a large guest list, you should head straight to the fruit market to purchase your apples.

You can also add a little caramel to your apples, as well. Place down a layer of wax paper, before you get started dipping the apples, because you will need a place to sit them, until the chocolate solidifies. Melt the chocolate, until it is thin enough to submerse the entire apple into it. You should go ahead and wedge the wooden sticks into the apples and start dipping them.

You can also add nuts, cookie crumbs, or vanilla chocolate to the top of the apples, so they will look more enticing. Before the reception, you can place the apples on a paper doily beside each dinnerware placement, so that your guests can enjoy them after the meal is complete.

Personalized Jars and Glasses

If you want your guests to go home with an item that will remind them of their wedding, you will want to consider using personalized jars! With these items, you can guarantee that your guests will receive a jar or glass that they’ll take home and use on a regular basis. At the same time, you can easily personalize the jar to feature words, symbols and logos, which memorialize your wedding. This will deliver a useable item that serves the exact purpose that you’re ultimately trying to achieve.


Overall, there are a massive number of different items that could work for your wedding favors. Of course, you will need to take your own preferences and that of your guests into consideration. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that everyone remains happy and that your guests receive items that they’ll actually enjoy and use!

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