Excellent Wedding Favor Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Are you currently working diligently to come up with some excellent wedding favor ideas, which will definitely impress your guests? Truthfully, there are numerous factors that will play a role in this overall decision. When looking at the decision from afar, you will see it isn’t an easy one to make. It is vital to rely on your instincts and choose favors that fit the preferences and likes of your guests the best. Below, you will find some suitable wedding favor ideas. Choosing the one that suits the likes of your loved ones is wise!

Heart Shaped Memo Clip Favor

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where you needed a clamp to hang up a memo or seal a bag of chips? Well, of course you have and so has everyone else, this is why you should consider purchasing the heart shaped memo clip favor. This handy clip can be utilized for nearly everything and your guests will absolutely adore it.
The heart shaped clip is constructed out of white and clear Lucite materials, plus it is equipped with a magnet, so you can easily hang it on your refrigerator or the bulletin board at work. Just place a personalized sticker on the clip and place them in a basket for your guests to have easy access to them.

Candy Bin and Scoop Favors

Everyone loves to receive candy, as a gift, even your grandmother or the toddler in the crowd. This is why you need to take advantage of the candy bin dispenser. You can simply fill it with jelly beans, gum balls, mints, or M&M’s, plus it comes with a handy dandy little scoop, so the recipient can scoop out their treats, without touching their fingers all over the candies.
This is a long lasting favor, because everyone will have the option of refilling it, as often as they wish. They can also use it as a travel candy dispenser, so they will always have something sweet or tangy to munch on, when they are on the airplane or train.

Mini Bottles of Juice or Alcohol or Other Items

If you’re interested in providing your guests with favors that they’ll use instantly, you’ll want to consider purchasing a bunch of mini glass bottles. Don’t worry, because this won’t be overly expensive. In fact, it is possible to purchase a few hundred of these for approximately twenty or thirty dollars. The bottles are typically very small, as the name suggests, and they also come with a cork lid. Once you’ve gotten the bottles, you’ll need to find something cool to put inside.

It is entirely possible to use juices and alcohol. If you’re going to do this, you will want to create your own flavors! This will help to personalize the favor. Wrapping a nice ribbon and tag around this favor will help to make it more adorable! Of course, this isn’t the only thing you can do with these bottles.

On the other hand, you can think about turning these bottles into fortune cookie type favors! This is definitely one of the most original and interactive wedding favor ideas. All you need to do is write up a bunch of fortunes and stuff them into the bottle. Allowing the guests to select their own bottle will make the experiment much more fun. Obviously, everyone will be very eager to dig out the paper and see what awaits them in the future.

Keychain Tape Measure Favor

Everyone finds himself or herself in a sticky situation, where they are in dire need of a tape measure. Keep this little tidbit in mind, when you are selecting a wedding favor, because everyone could definitely utilize this little gadget.
The keychain tape measure is constructed out of white plastic, with a black tab for easy grip and control. It is capable of measuring distances up to 39 ¼”, which is fairly significant. You can have this favor personalized with a small round sticker that will contain the bride and groom’s name and wedding date.
Your guests can simply attach the keychain to their keys and head out the door, while being assured that they have a handy little tool in their possession to measure pretty much anything.

Recipe Cards

Do you consider yourself to be a groundbreaking chef? If you do, you likely have an assortment of different recipes in your stash! In fact, you probably have some very original and entirely scrumptious recipes that are unknown to your loved ones. On this special day, you should consider letting your friends and family in on the big secret. All you’ll need to do is purchase a small set of recipe cards. This can be done very inexpensively.
Once you’ve gotten the cards in your possession, you will want to begin writing down your favorite recipes! Make sure that you list all of the secret ingredients, as much as you want them to remain secret. After this is done, you will be able to hand out the favors, at your wedding. Of course, they can be decorated further, by placing them in envelopes, bags or some other type of container. Your guests might not realize it right away, but they’ll love the favors, once they cook up the recipe and try it for themselves.

Fleece Custom Blanket

If you truly want to be creative, when choosing a wedding favor for your wonderful guests, you should consider the fleece custom blanket. Everyone will definitely treasure this gift for many years to come and plus it comes personalized, so they will be thinking of you, while they are snuggled up with their soft blanket.
The 50” W x 60” L blanket will be the perfect sofa or recliner blanket, because it is very lightweight and comfortable. These are a little more expensive than the average wedding favor, but you can purchase these for the RSVP guests and select something else for your other guests.

Activity Booklets For The Kids

Most weddings are going to be attended by a number of children! During this special day, it is nice to be able to look at the vigor of the youth! Of course, you will want to make sure that you work diligently to keep these children entertained and behaved during the wedding. With the right wedding favors, it is possible to solve both problems with one item. All you really need is some nice activity sets. These are nothing more than coloring books and crayons. All children love these little gifts and will undoubtedly remain amused, while they attempt to color within the lines!
Although these items are virtually priceless, they’re very affordable for your convenience. Be sure to purchase in bulk, because you will want all of the children at your wedding to have a set!

Double Heart Bubble Bottles

If you want to add a little excitement and fun to your special day, you should consider giving your guests a double heart bubble bottle favor. The bottle is constructed out of white plastic material and it is equipped with a double heart wand. You can simply place a personalized sticker on the front of each bottle, before you hand them out to your guests.
After the ceremony is complete, you can grab a bottle of bubbles and the little ones and escort them outdoors. You can show the kids how to have a little fun with their bottle of bubbles. Everyone will definitely want to join in on the excitement.

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

Every lady and possibly gentlemen would appreciate a heart shaped measuring spoon favor. This special gift is constructed out of stainless material, so it will offer your guests a lifetime of service. Each spoon is engraved with a special romantic quote or message, which everyone will admire.
The measuring spoons come sealed in a pretty little box, so you do not have to try and find something to place them in. You can just place them in a large wooden box and set them at the front of the reception hall, so everyone can grab one, as they walk through the door.


At the end of the day, there are many excellent wedding favor ideas to choose from, but not all of them are created equal. With this in mind, you will need to scour the examples above and find the one that sparks your interest the most! This will ensure that your guests will be happy and your wedding will be absolutely brilliant.

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