Inexpensive Wedding Favors – Inexpensive Doesn’t Mean Ineffective

Inexpensive wedding favors often receive a negative reputation, but they shouldn’t! It is vital to remember that inexpensive doesn’t always mean ineffective. When it comes to wedding favors there are tons of options that you have to choose from. However, the best wedding favors are actually something that your guests are going to use. You don’t want your guests throwing your favors in the trash as soon as they get home. This will simply be a waste of money for you. With this in mind, you should know that cheaper favors can be just as effective as more expensive alternatives. Below, you will find assistance in choosing the best inexpensive wedding favors.

Ways To Cut Costs

If you’re looking for inexpensive wedding favors, you’re likely trying to find ways to cut your overall wedding budget. Thankfully, there are some excellent ways to do this, without hindering your wedding in any way. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you slim down your guest list. Is there anyone on your list that could be eliminated? Remember to only invite the individuals that you’re very close with. You can easily ignore others, including work mates that you don’t know very well. By cutting down on your guest list, you will be able to cut back on the cost of favors, tables, food and drinks!

DIY favors are another excellent way to cut back. Of course, this can be a little more time consuming. In some cases, it might not be worth the effort. Still, doing it your self is definitely something to consider. By taking on the responsibility, you will be able to control the cost of your favors and other items. By doing it on your own will ensure that your decorations, centerpiece and favors are much cheaper.
Wildflower Seeds Wedding Favors
Would you like to be able to give your guests a wedding favor that will offer diversity use? If so, you should consider enveloping the wildflower seed into your wedding favors. You will need several items for this project including test tubes with a cork top, ¼” ribbon, bulk bags of wildflower seeds, and a personalized gift card. You can purchase the test tubes at your local hobby shop, so you do not need to order them from the Internet.
Just fill the test tubes full of wildflower seeds and place the cork on tightly. Punch a hole into your gift cards, so that you can secure them to the tubes with the ribbon. Give these to your guests, before you set out for your honeymoon. They will toss them at you and your new bride, while you are making your way to the limousine.
Cutting Boards

There are very few kitchens in the country that don’t use a cutting board on a regular basis. This item is very beneficial and can ensure that your countertop doesn’t turn into a crazy mess! With this in mind, you should contemplate giving your guests cutting boards, as favors. Remember that it is entirely possible to decorate the exterior of the boards, if you want to add a little beauty and class to the favor.
Mini Bubble Gum Ball Machine
Do you need a fun wedding favor for the children on your guest list? If so, you should consider the mini bubble gum ball machine. The delightful favor can be used over and over again, because it can be refilled innumerable times.
You can purchase these from the Internet and personalize them with a beautiful gift card. Make sure that you take the time to ask the mothers in the crowd, if it is okay to give their children bubble gum, before you actually offer these as wedding favors. You can always substitute the bubble gum with jelly beans or M&Ms.
Honey Jar and Dipper Favors
There is nothing sweeter than honey and that is why you should consider giving your wonderful guests a jar of honey with a dipper. Your guests will utilize these gifts for quite some time and they will be reminded of your generosity every single time.
You can purchase a case of jelly jars and dippers from your local department store, but head to the flea or fruit market for the fresh honey. You can order personalized sticker rolls from your local printing shop for a very affordable price. All in all, you will save more money, by creating these delightful favors yourself, instead of ordering them from a local shop.
Fill the jars will honey and seal the lid tight. Just tie the dipper onto the jar, by using burlap string. Place the sticker onto the front of the jar and sit them on your reception tables, so that everyone will see them.
If someone on your guest list has an allergy to honey, you can always substitute it with molasses or homemade jelly.
Etched Mason Jars

Planning a wedding is expensive, so why not try to save money where you can? One good way to save money on your wedding is by taking advantage of cheap DIY wedding favors. Below you are going to find some great ideas for cheap wedding favors.

Mason jars cost as little as a dollar apiece, if you buy them in bulk. Another way to take them to the next level is by etching them with a special message. All you have to do is buy an etching kit, get some of your bridesmaids to help you, and you will have created a bunch of inexpensive, but unique wedding favors in no time at all.


There are tons of different things that people can do with candles. Some individuals use them to decorate, while some use them to scent their home. Making your own candles can even add an extra little special touch to your wedding favors. When giving candles, as a wedding favor try to choose a scent that is important to you, for instance, you could choose your favorite desserts or fruits. Keep in mind that when you are making your own candles, you can always utilize baby-food jars to hold the candle wax.


A variety of fruits will not only make a great inexpensive wedding favor, but they also help keep your guests healthy. If you want to get your fruits at a cheaper price, you should consider picking them from a farm or buying them at a farmers’ market. You always have the option of adding a cute little tag to your fruit, just to let your guests know how much you appreciate their attendance.


Water makes the perfect wedding favor for a summertime weddings. Water is also a great favor for any wedding host that plans on serving alcohol. You can buy water for a fairly inexpensive price at any big box store and don’t forget to slap on a personalized label. There are a variety of different things that you can include on your water bottles including ribbons, personal message cards, and mini packs of mints.


Marshmallows will always surprise your guests, when you give them as wedding favors. You can even make marshmallows on your own with an easy recipe. There are a variety of different ways that you have to choose from, when it comes to packaging your marshmallows. You can either package them in gift favor boxes or you can package them in clear plastic bags sealed with a lovely ribbon.
Although splurging on your wedding is more than acceptable, you shouldn’t be afraid to save money! By taking the time to save money in every way imaginable, you will be able to plan for the future or use the money for something more beneficial. With this in mind, you should certainly think about inexpensive wedding favors! They can be entirely effective, practical, cherished and most importantly affordable.

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