Winter Wedding Centerpieces for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Are you contemplating hosting a nice, winter wonderland wedding? If this is the case, you will want to make sure to use winter wedding centerpieces! These centerpieces can be entirely beautiful and will mesh together perfectly with your winter wedding. Of course, there are assortments of different types of centerpieces that will work well in this regard. Truthfully, there are hundreds of different ideas to float around, but you will need to find one that works best with your wedding! Below, you will learn how to do it and will find ideas for your upcoming wedding.

The Perils of Winter

Although winter is an excellent time of the year, it will undoubtedly bring a few extra risks to your wedding. Since the majority of your guests will likely need to travel, in order to attend, the weather of winter could present a problem. Of course, there is no doubt that winter is one of the most beautiful times of the entire year. There is definitely something to consider and contemplate, before you set your sights on a winter wedding and the most lavish winter wedding centerpieces.

Tips for Successful Winter Wedding Centerpieces

When attempting to design a wedding centerpiece for your upcoming winter wedding, there are a specific number of things that should be remembered. First and foremost, you should remember that it is entirely possible to do it yourself, or you can buy. Either way, you should remember the things that are associated with winter. The holidays and the snow are the most memorable. With this in mind, you should definitely attempt to add these things to your upcoming wedding and your centerpieces.

You can easily make this happen, by using cotton or using red and green colors! Don’t be afraid to use items from nature as well! Remember that pine cones work exceptionally well for winter weddings.

Winter Orchid Bouquet Centerpiece

If you are searching for an affordable DIY plan, you should consider the winter orchid bouquet centerpiece. This is a very simple project that can be completed in a very timely manner and everyone knows how important time is for you at this point in your life. You will need to gather a few items, before you get started.

• 24” Round Mirror
• 10 Clear Glass Votive Candle holders
• 10 white Vote Candles
• 6” H x 6” D Clear Glass Vase
• Tap Water
• Bundle of White Orchids with Long Stems
You can always substitute the orchids for whatever flower you choose, so do not be fret about being forced to step out of your wedding theme. Place the votive candles into the candle holders and set them to the side, because you will be using them in a later step.

Do not assemble your bouquet centerpiece over top of the mirror, because you want it to be polished clean, before you sit it on your reception tables. Fill the vase with water half way full and snip off the bottom portion of the flower stems, but make sure to snip them in a straight form, so they will sit into the vase, without toppling over. Bundle the flowers together tightly and sit them inside of the vase, if they do not stay together, you can always tie a white transparent bow around them to secure them tightly.

Place the mirror onto the reception table, followed by the bouquet and then arrange the small votive candles all the way around them. You have done it your beautiful winter orchid centerpiece is complete. Sit back and look at your expertise handiwork.

Christmas Bulb Centerpieces

Winter is a special time of the year and your beautiful event will definitely entice the season even more. If you are searching for a beautiful centerpiece idea, you should definitely consider the Christmas bulb centerpieces. These beautiful creations will liven up the reception area, which is exactly what you want to achieve from your centerpieces. Now it is time to gather a few supplies.

• 24” Hurricane Vase
• 10-15 Christmas Bulbs (same color, different sizes with different textures)
• String of Acrylic Beads
• Fake snow
Believe it or not, the supply gathering will be the most difficult part of this project. All you need to do is place the Christmas bulbs into the vase, but only fill it half way full and make sure to utilize a mixture of different sized bulbs, because you want to give it a very unique appearance. Take your string acrylic beads and lay them on top of the bulbs, by weaving them in and out of the vase, be sure to leave several loops hanging over the vase, as well. Now go ahead and fill the vase with the rest of the bulbs. Your centerpiece is now complete, isn’t it a beauty?

If you truly want to add a little touch of sophistication to the arrangement, you can simply use 4” diameter candle holders, white votive candles, and colored sand. You will just fill the bottom of the vases with the colored sand and then place the candle into the mixture. Arrange these around the large centerpiece, so as to draw attention to it.

Spread your fake snow all over the table, so the décor looks like it is nestled in a huge snow pile.

Using Stockings

If you’re interested in incorporating the holidays into your upcoming wedding, you will want to think about using items that are associated with the holidays! Stockings can work very well in this regard. With stockings, you will be able to create something very beautiful and can even give away items to your guests. Finding a way to hang up the stockings on the center of the table is a wonderful idea! Make sure to fill the stockings with candies and other trinkets. Your guests will be eager to find out what is inside!

Mini Tabletop Christmas tree

If you want to delight your guests, you should fill your tables with mini tabletop Christmas tree centerpieces. This harmonious Christmas décor will definitely liven up the event and encourage everyone to hit the dance floor. You can opt to use the Christmas tree that is equipped with optic lighting or battery operated LED lights, so you will not need to be concerned with wires or electrical outlets.

The mini Christmas tree is available in an array of sizes, so you can mix it up a bit, if you want to make your reception tables look more unique. Select the appropriate mini bulbs for this project, because you want them to be the same colors that are in your wedding palette. Christmas bulbs with small etchings or glittered symbols on them will definitely shine through.

Decorate your Christmas trees and sit them on your reception tables, but do not forget about the tree skirt, because your displays should look like home. You can add a little pizzazz to the arrangement, by utilizing Christmas candles and fake snow, but whatever you do extra will only charm your special guests even more.

White Christmas Wreath

Now a winter wedding would not be that, without a white Christmas wreath. You can purchase the wreath from a department or Christmas shop, if you do not have time for a DIY project, but if you do, you can purchase the wreath supplies at your local arts and craft shop.

You will want to choose a wreath that has a large center opening, because you will be laying them on the table and sitting décor inside of them. They will be utilized sort of like a floral ring.

You will also need an 18” H x 6” D hurricane vase, white styro snowflakes, and an 8” white pillar candle. Now it is time to start assembling. Just place the wreath on the reception table and sit the vase in its center. Sit the candle down inside of the vase and lay the snowflakes on the inside of the vase, so they look like they are pressed up against the glass, but avoid concealing the top of the candle from view, because you want the candle flame to glow throughout the area.

Your beautiful white Christmas wreath centerpiece is totally complete.


At the end of the day, there are many different types of winter wedding centerpieces that will work exceptionally well for your wedding. Some of these are absolutely brilliant, but difficult to make. Others are elegant, but simple. By using the information above, you can easily find a good centerpiece that will work well for your winter wedding and your own preferences. Either way, you shouldn’t fret it too much, because it is your wedding and it is going to be absolutely spectacular one way or another!

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